Monday, November 23, 2020
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pray for children

Pray for Children with Thanksgiving

Heavenly Father, the one and only God, You are the creator of all things including us, humans. You have adopted us to be Your...
prayer for work

Prayer for God's Guidance and Blessing before Work

Dear God, from whom all blessings and provision come, we thank You. We bring You the glory and praise because You are a faithful...
healing prayer

7 Prayers for Healing in Hard Times

1. Comfort Me in Suffering Loving God, I pray that you will comfort me in my suffering, lend skill to the hands of my healers,...
healing prayer

Prayer for Healing

Lord, You are our healer. You are mighty and powerful. You have done many miracles in the past, healing the sick, raising the dead...
Prayer for The Government

Prayer for The Government

God Almighty, You are Lord of all. You are the God who is in charge over all things. You speak Your words and it...
prayer for children

Prayer for The Family

Lord Jesus, we glorify Your name. We thank You for the lives of each and every member of the family that we have. We...
Prayer against Worry

Prayer against Worry

My Father in heaven, Creator of all that exists. You are the beginning and the end. You are Lord and is sovereign over all....
Prayer for Corona Virus

Prayer for Corona Virus

Lord of Heaven and Earth, creator of the universe. You are God alone. You are God of all. We lift You up because You...
Pray for today

All these blessings come from You – Morning Prayer

After a long and restful stretch of hours in sleep, You open my consciousness and I awake to behold and bask in the light...
prayer to protect from infectious disease

Prayer against Corona Virus

Heavenly Father, the God of the universe. You are our Lord and Savior. You are our only hope. In this time of trial, we...
evening prayer

You have been our source of strength and wisdom – Bedtime Prayer

Heavenly Father, we are grateful to once again witness Your faithfulness this day. You have been our source of strength and wisdom. Thank You...
Prayer for Children

In the values and teachings of a true child of God – Prayer for...

Heavenly Father, You are our Creator. You made us in Your image. You have knitted us fearfully and wonderfully in the wombs of our...

Prayer to Learn How to be Thankful in Every Situation

Heavenly God, You are the maker of all things. You have said in Your word that everything works together for the good...

Take The Step of Obedience Everytime You Give Me Instructions

My Father, I am thankful for the guidance that You give me day by day. I know that You have the best...

Ask for Mercy on Those Who Are Suffering

Heavenly Father, our God and King. You are a powerful God who created every portion of my body. I thank You for...

Pray for Family to Have Christ at The Center of Their...

God Almighty, our loving Father. You are the God who gave life to me, the one who formed me inside my mother’s...

Pray for Strength and Health to Do God’s Work

Lord Jesus, thank You for this day. Thank You for the life that I have and the joy of spending every moment ...

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