Sunday, January 17, 2021
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Repentance Prayer for This Generation in Challenging Times

God Almighty, You are the Lord of the Universe. You are King forever and You are the Lord of lords. You are our Holy...
Prayer for The Government

Prayer for The Government

God Almighty, You are Lord of all. You are the God who is in charge over all things. You speak Your words and it...
Prayer against Worry

I lay down before You all my fears – Prayer against Worry

Lord, my heart is filled with worry now. My mind kept drifting back to anxious thoughts. Several things are making me restless and I...

Bedtime Prayer for Forgiveness and Strength

Dear God, thank You for this day. Thank You for keeping me safe all throughout the day since the moment I woke up until...
Pray for The World to Get Salvation

Pray for The World to Get Salvation

Lord of heaven and earth, You are our only God and there is no other besides You. We worship You for who You are....
Prayer against Worry

Prayer against Worry

My Father in heaven, Creator of all that exists. You are the beginning and the end. You are Lord and is sovereign over all....
pray for children

Pray for Children with Thanksgiving

Heavenly Father, the one and only God, You are the creator of all things including us, humans. You have adopted us to be Your...

Bedtime Prayer for Peace and Joy

Lord Jesus, this has been a long day for us. A lot of things happened and we were consumed with several tasks that led...
Prayer for Children

In the values and teachings of a true child of God – Prayer for...

Heavenly Father, You are our Creator. You made us in Your image. You have knitted us fearfully and wonderfully in the wombs of our...

Pray for The Government to Receive God's Will And Wisdom

Heavenly Father, You are our Lord and Savior. You are the Author of life and of this universe. You are the only source of...

Pray for Peace against Worry in Hard Time

Lord, we come to You and ask for forgiveness for the many times that we had doubted You. Forgive us Lord for not trusting...
pray for covid-19

Christians in Wuhan Plead for Prayer as Deadly Virus Spreads

God full of compassion and mercy, we lay prostrate before you and confess our sin. We have sinned against you, our city, our country,...

Faith Overcomes Fear

Trust God through it all. Share on Facebook .resp-sharing-button__link, .resp-sharing-button__icon { display: inline-block } .resp-sharing-button__link { text-decoration:...

Put Your Family In The Lord's Hands

Lord, I put my family in your hands today.I can't control everything that happens to them but I can remember to cover them in...

Ephesians 10:18

This is how you fight your battles!!! Sword of the Spirit, Belt of Truth, Gospel of Peace, Helmet of Salvation, Breastplate of Righteousness, Shield...

Prayer Against Negativity

Prayer Against NegativityHeavenly Father, embrace me with your tranquility and love so that my mind can be at ease. Break every chain of negative...

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