Monday, November 30, 2020
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Inspire and encourage one another with all kinds of prayer image and quotes.

God's Blessings Last Forever

Your storms are only temporary, but the blessings of God last forever. Amen!

Leave It To God

Sometimes all you can do is leave it in God's hands and wait.

God Kept You Alive

Have you ever looked back at your past and realized it was God that kept you Alive?

You Only Need God

Sometimes God puts you in places alone, because He needs you to realize you do not need anybody but Him!

Pray Then Let Go

Pray, then let it go. Don't try to manipulate or force the outcome. Just trust God to open the right doors at the right...

The Will Of God

As much as you want to plan your life, it has a way of surprising you with unexpected things that will make you happier...

Believe That It Will Happen

Everything will work out, you don't have to know how, just trust God, have faith and believe that it will. Amen

Love And Protection

Lord, please put a shield around my friends and family. Wrap them with love and protection. Amen

Trusting God Changes Everything

Worrying doesn't change anything, but trusting God changes everything.

Spend Time Praying

Spend time praying for people instead of talking about them. Amen

You Will Always Win

Fight your battles with prayers. You will always win.

Thank You God

Dear God, From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for loving me, forgiving me, healing me, and never leaving me....

Prayer to Learn How to be Thankful in Every Situation

Heavenly God, You are the maker of all things. You have said in Your word that everything works together for the good...

Take The Step of Obedience Everytime You Give Me Instructions

My Father, I am thankful for the guidance that You give me day by day. I know that You have the best...

Ask for Mercy on Those Who Are Suffering

Heavenly Father, our God and King. You are a powerful God who created every portion of my body. I thank You for...

Pray for Family to Have Christ at The Center of Their...

God Almighty, our loving Father. You are the God who gave life to me, the one who formed me inside my mother’s...

Pray for Strength and Health to Do God’s Work

Lord Jesus, thank You for this day. Thank You for the life that I have and the joy of spending every moment ...

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