For My Future Wife

Dear God, thank You for allowing me to experience love. I know that I am capable of loving because You first loved me. You are the One who taught me the real meaning of love.

You know that my heart desires marriage. My heart longs for the love of a woman who would become a life-partner. You know that there is this desire to experience a romantic relationship. And I know that You understand and honor this desire.

God, I pray that You will guide me and lead me as I wait for my future wife. I pray that You will prepare me and mold me to become the proper husband for her. May I truly learn how to live like a man of God so that when it’s time for me to meet this woman, I’d be ready to lead her to You.

I pray for her as well. I pray that You will also call her into a more meaningful relationship with You. May she grow deep in her faith and obedience. May she remain focused on doing the things You want her to do. May she continue to be molded into Your likeness. May she be filled with undying love for You and for her neighbors.

I pray that You will bless her ministry. I pray that she will grow strong and gentle and she leads other people to You. Use her mightily to influence other people and help them grow in the knowledge of who You are.

I pray that she will remain confidently beautiful not because of how she looks on the outside but because she has You in her inner being. May she learn to feel secure in Your presence. Prepare her to be the kind of woman You want her to be. In time, allow me to meet her. In Jesus’ name. Amen.