Prayer for Healing

Lord, You are our healer. You are mighty and powerful. You have done many miracles in the past, healing the sick, raising the dead and feeding the thousands. You have parted seas and rained down food from heaven. You have restored death to life and You continue to do so even until now. Your name is power in itself and there is no other name under heaven by which we must be saved, only in Christ alone.

Lord Jesus, you know the present sufferings that we face today. You see the difficulties that this whole world faces because of this pandemic. COVID-19 has spread uncontrollably and many people have already been infected. Many have already died and many are still in danger of getting contracted. Lord, this virus has caused so much scare and panic to people. Many are afraid. Many are lost. Many are getting hopeless.

It is our prayer that even as we face this trial, we will once again experience Your miracles. We pray that You will extend Your hands to heal the sick people all around the world. You see their sufferings. Speak to them in a very personal way that they may truly encounter You. Restore their bodies to its proper health but more importantly, heal their souls.

We pray that people will truly realize the fragility of life. We are but a puff of the wind on this earth and we certainly cannot hold onto what we have now. I pray that this virus will truly teach us to number our days. I pray that more and more people will decide to go back to You and submit their lives fully under Your Lordship.

We know that the problem of this humanity is more than a health problem. The problem that we face is a result of man’s sinfulness and it is our prayer that this problem be dealt with. Your blood is more than enough. Please grant restoration of the souls of many people. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.


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  2. Lord please help these people that are making things worst they keep lgoing out when told not to . They are putting all of us in danger. In the name of Jesus I pray to for all the people who are out there helping helping in any way they can Prayers for my daughter Mona my granddaughters Rosa and Mikki and any others out helping people thank you Lord