Prayer for Medical Staff during Covid-19 Outbreak

Lord, I thank You for using our medical staff to show Your grace and faithfulness to this humanity. I thank You for granting us hope through the lives of these people. I know that You are using them to reveal Your power to heal and to show Your caring and loving character to the sick. Never did You reject someone’s plea for healing. 

I remember the people who are serving as front liners most especially those who are in the hospitals. Lord, I know that they are risking their lives for the sake of giving treatment to the people who are infected. 

I pray that You will supply them with a strong immune system and sufficient personal protective equipment to prevent them from getting infected with this virus. I pray that they will receive all the assistance that they need to be able to function well. Help them to get enough rest so that their bodies will remain strong day by day. 

Lord, do not allow them to get sick. I pray that You will supply them with strong heart and emotional capacity. Even as they battle with this illness head on, I pray that You grant them grace to survive day by day. 

I also pray for their families. I pray that You will also protect them in their homes. I pray that You will not allow a single virus to reach their doors and touch their bodies. Provide them strength to overcome fear and worry with faith. 

I pray that they will be united and bound by love. May this time of crisis bring their relationship closer to You and to each other. I pray that they will learn to seek You and find refuge in You alone. Encourage them daily. I pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.