Prayer for The Family

Lord Jesus, we glorify Your name. We thank You for the lives of each and every member of the family that we have. We thank You for showing us the love that there is in the context of a family. Our families are a gift from above. You have reminded us of the precious kind of relationship that You desire for Your children. We thank You for being a relational God. 

It is our prayer that we will be victorious in raising up godly families. We pray that our parents will truly become models of faith and obedience. We pray that they will be successful in influencing their children to live their lives wholeheartedly for the Lord. Grant them wisdom to help them bring their children to have genuine fear of the Lord.

Help them to always put God on top of their priorities. May they not fail in serving You. Strengthen their faith even us they face difficulties in their family. We pray that husbands and wives will continue to be united and supportive of each other, that they will keep helping and loving each other regardless of the circumstances. Provide for all the things that they need. May they never find short of Your blessings.

We also pray that our children will grow to have reverent fear of God. Mold them into Christlike character. Teach them to respect, honor and obey their parents as they obey God. Usher them to maturity and fruitfulness in doing God’s will. Use them to influence their friends and classmates that they may lead them to Christ as well.

Lord, we pray that our families will serve as salt and light for other families to see. We pray that by demonstrating Your goodness, those families who have been lost will also be drawn to Your saving grace. Thank You because we know You hear our prayers in Jesus’ name. Amen.