Prayer for The Government

God Almighty, You are Lord of all. You are the God who is in charge over all things. You speak Your words and it is so. You hold all authority within Your grasp. You are the alpha and omega. No one can compare to You. We honor You for who You are. We bring You the highest praise and glory. 

God of the heavens, we acknowledge that all forms of authority come from You alone. Even the authorities delegated to our present leaders are coming from You. You have raised them up to become leaders of our government.

You have ordained them with power to rule our nation. You are the One who has put them in position. And we respect Your authority with great humility. We acknowledge that where there is authority, there is God.

We pray, Lord, that You will help our leaders become effective rulers. We pray that You protect them from being used by the Devil in advancing his evil schemes. We pray that You will help them be guided with utmost wisdom so that they may rule the nation according to Your will.

Help them make the right decisions and not be drawn by selfish ambitions. Help them maintain their integrity and honesty in conducting themselves as leaders. We ask that You surround them with people who are wise and God-fearing.

May our leaders get pieces of advice that are truly helpful in their decisions. We pray that You strengthen their minds, bodies, and hearts. May they always fear You and always think accountability of the authority You entrusted to them.

Use them according to Your purpose and do not let them stumble and fall. Protect them from all attacks of evil. Uphold our leaders, Lord. Establish a God-centered government in this nation. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.