A New Life

Father God, thank You for showing me the light. Thank You for bringing me out of my dark past and giving me a new...

Don't Give Up Now

Don't give up now. It's not over until God says It's over!

God Carries Your Burdens

God, I put everything in your hands today… my family, my health, my home, my security, my fears. Thank You for carrying my burdens....

Thank God For His Patience

God, I would never want to disrespect You either by speaking too candidly when I’m disappointed or too quietly while pretending my disappointment doesn’t...

Love God Most

We love others best when we love God most. Share on Facebook

Never Lose Faith

We all have our days where we feel we can't survive. Sometimes dreams are shattered, Friendships may fall apart. Loved one's may hurt us....

Goodness And Mercy

I believe in God not because my parents told me, not because the church told me, but because I've experienced His goodness and mercy...

Grateful to the Lord

Thank You, God, for today. Thank You for taking care of me and for supplying all my needs. You have reminded me of how...

Pray and let God handle it.

Pray and let God handle it.


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