Faith In God

Faith in God changes everything.

God Hears My Prayers

God is saying to you today, The things you've been praying about are going to suddenly fall into place.

You Are My Peace

Father, When I am tired, You give me the strength to go on. When discouraged, You give me hope. When I am afraid, You...

Prayer for my relationship with God

Almighty God, Creator and Ruler of the universe and everything in it, and eternal loving Father, You know what I must say and need...

Hear God's Voice Clearly

Dear God, eliminate all distractions from our lives so that we can walk completely in Your will and hear Your voice clearly.

Be Grateful To God

I'm blessed with everything I need. I am working hard towards everything I want. And most of all I appreciate & Thank God for...

Only In God

Only in God will you find true happiness.

Get Excited Again

God said: I need you to get excited again. I need you to remember you're not in this thing alone. I'm working on your...


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